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Welcome to the NP Dodge Military Assistance

Since opening our doors in 1855, we’ve helped thousands of military families buy and sell homes. As a member of the United States Armed Forces, we understand you make ongoing sacrifices to defend our country and protect our families.

Our special, cash back rebate program is for: 

  • Active Military Families,
  • Retired Military with 20+ years of service and
  • Wounded Warriors.

Are you interested in learning more about this great program? NP Dodge’s Military Assistance is available when you use one of our local experts to help you buy or sell a home in eastern Nebraska. NP Dodge agents live throughout our local communities and have established relationships and personal connections to best help you.

The special rebate we offer is determined by the home’s purchase price.  The rebate levels are below:

SALE PRICE                                              REBATE
$0 - $99,999                                                      $400
$100,000 - $149,999                                        $700
$150,000 - $249,999                                      $1,000
$250,000 - $399,999                                      $1,300
$400,000 - $499,999                                      $1,600
$450,000 - $499,999                                      $2,050
$500,000 - $549,999                                      $2,550
$550,000 - $599,999                                      $3,550
$600,000 - $699,999                                      $4,050
$700,000 - $799,999                                      $4,550
$800,000 - $899,999                                      $5,050
$900,000 - $999,999                                      $5,550
$1,000,000 +                                                  $6,050

If you’d like to sign up for this program or have additional questions, simply contact our Military Rebate Coordinator. Don’t forget to register before starting your home buying or selling process. Our coordinator will give you more details about the program and select a specialized NP Dodge agent to represent you. Once you’ve closed on the home, you’ll receive your Military Rebate check.

This is just our way of saying “Thank You!” for everything you do.


Get Military Rebate

Get Military Rebate

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